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  • Tokelau – world’s smallest population, but big in creativity!

Tokelau – world’s smallest population, but big in creativity!

Date: Thursday 29 October 2020, 12pm to 1pm
Cost: Free event.
Contact details: events.natlib@dia.govt.nz

Mālo nī. Join renowned artist Moses Viliamu of Tokelauan (Atafu) and Samoan (Faleula) descent discussing digital creativity from a Tokelauan perspective.

Tokelau stories, history and art

How can a small plankton stay significant in a big ocean with much bigger fish, environment and threats? By not being normal — because we don’t have the resources, human power and money. This is where a reliance on creativity goes a very long way!

This is a session of Tokelau stories, history and art using digital technology, interactivity, music and creativity.

About the speaker

Moses Viliamu’s parents moved to Porirua, Wellington, in the early 60s, in a time where pacific communities were new to the nation. Moses’ artwork is about the journey of his people. His use of icons and motifs represents the modern New Zealand pacific heritage to which he belongs.

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Man standing in front of a painting.
Moses Viliamu