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  • Tivaevae: a Cook Islands Research Framework

Tivaevae: a Cook Islands Research Framework

Date: Thursday 6 August 2020, 12pm to 1pm
Cost: Free event.
Contact details: events.natlib@dia.govt.nz
Part of the Pasifika Spectacular series

Come and hear how Cook Island women create their beautifully embroidered bedspread ‘Tivaevae’. A form of artistic quilting traditionally made by Polynesian women.

Learn about the creation of Tivaevae

In Cook Islands culture tivaevae are given at 21st Birthday celebrations, weddings, traditional boys’ hair cutting ceremony and are kept as a family heirloom.

Teremoana Maua-Hodges developed a research framework based on the way that Tivaevae are created in order to give Cook Island people a voice in the academic world.

Join us to hear about this and experience the framework in action as we learn about the creation of Tivaevae, the process of research, and how these intersect.

About the speaker

My name is Teremoana Maua – Hodges I was born on Rarotonga Cook Islands. My Profession has always been in Pasifika education. My research for my Masters was Teaching Cook Islands Maori to adults in New Zealand.

In this research I used the Tivaevae Research Framework that I had created to give voice to Cook Islands people in the area of academic research. I have been a teacher in the Porirua area, a Principal in the Cook Islands Teachers Training College, a Publisher Consultant for Pasifika publications and a tutor for Bachelor of Social Work.

Two women sitting on the ground sewing.
Two women sewing a tivaevae, Rarotonga, 1960 by John Burland. Ref: PA12-0503-22. Alexander Turnbull Library.