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  • Te Kuia me te Pungawerewere — The Kuia and the Spider

Te Kuia me te Pungawerewere — The Kuia and the Spider

Date: Thursday 5 September 2019, 1:30pm to 2:30pm
Cost: Free.
Contact details: events.natlib@dia.govt.nz
Part of the Pūkana series

A children’s production in te reo Māori, 'Te Kuia Me Te Pūngāwerewere' is devised from Patricia Grace’s classic story book 'The Kuia and The Spider'.

Taki Rua and Capital E present te reo Māori children's production Te Kuia Me Te Pūngāwerewere.

'Te Kuia Me Te Pūngāwerewere' tells the real reason why the old lady and the spider are constantly arguing.

While in the midst of their daily bickering, Kui and Pūpai the spider are suddenly thrust from their home in Paekākāriki into the wonderful world of spiders. There, they must work together to save the spider world from human proliferation.

The show is performed entirely in te reo Māori, but uses gestures and movement so that even non-speakers can follow along.

About the performance company

Taki Rua produce, commission and develop theatre with a distinctively Māori voice. They collaborate with the brightest voices in our industry, touring productions both locally and internationally.

An older woman sitting in her kitchen looking at a spider and its web in the corner of her house.
Cover of 'The Kuia and the Spider' by Patricia Grace, Illustrated by Robyn Kahukiwa (Puffin, 1982).