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  • Strange but True: Max Oettli and Peter Peryer

Strange but True: Max Oettli and Peter Peryer

If you are visiting the Library be sure to check out this small display of photos by Max Oettli and Peter Peryer.

Mystery, forboding and humour

Black-and-white photographs, without the distraction of colour, make us focus on contrast and texture, giving rise to an intensity of mood. With colour stripped away, already we are looking at a strange world. Subject and narrative take centre stage. A feeling is evoked, and much is suggested or implied, even if the work appears as documentary.

For this small display, the photographs of Max Oettli and Peter Peryer have been brought together, evoking a sense of mystery, forboding and humour.

Black and white photo of a boy looking a a skeleton in a glass exhibition case.
‘Park with sphinx, Sydney NSW’, 1972. Photographer: Max Oettli. Ref: 35mm-106561-F