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Contribute your own images to DigitalNZ

There’s a fun new feature soon to be launched on DigitalNZ. You’ll be able to upload your own images to DigitalNZ ‘stories’. This talk will demonstrate the new tool and how personal images can be shared alongside institutional collections.

Add your own photos to DigitalNZ

The website www.digitalnz.org brings together the digital collections of over 200 organisations from around Aotearoa so that they can be searched on one site.

On digitalnz.org, you can also make a DigitalNZ ‘story’, which is a kete of your favourite collection items. People have regularly asked the DigitalNZ team to allow them to upload their own images to ‘stories’ and now this feature is about to be launched on the website.

You can use the upload tool to tell your family history, the story of your rohe, or any other story you’d like to take out of your personal photo albums and get online. You can also weave your photos in with those of museums and archives from around the motu.


Hear about the behind-the-scenes

Come along to this talk to learn how to upload your own images and get a behind-the-scenes view of some of the considerations that DigitalNZ worked through to build the tool.

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About the speaker

Thomasin Sleigh is Community Manager at DigitalNZ. She promotes and seeks out new audiences for the digitalnz.org website and data service, through public presentations, social media, and a range of other outreach activities. She is also responsible for testing digitalnz.org with the people who use the site and advocating for a user-centred approach to DigitalNZ’s design and development.

New feature. Upload your own images. Uploads are limited to a file size of 5MB and jpg, png and gif formats.