December 2020

A striking portrait of a Māori woman. She Is wearing dark tailored clothing, has two huia feathers in her hair and a large tiki necklace. She is looking straight at us and has a Mona Lisaish smile.

Everything old is new again

Thursday 17 September 2020 to Sunday 13 December 2020

New Zealand Portrait Gallery, Wellington

Six of our most prominent artists — John Pule, Séraphine Pick, Sarah Munro, Lisa Reihana, Heather Straka and Mel Baldwin – have made new, or have provided existing artworks based on original Turnbull collection items. This exhibition highlights the contemporary relevance of the Alexander Turnbull Library, 100 years after it first opened.

Part of: ATL 100

Drawing of Te Rauparaha on a bookcover.

Restoring the mana of a manuscript: Tamihana Te Rauparaha’s life of Te Rauparaha

Wednesday 2 December 2020, 12:10pm to 1pm

Taiwhanga Kauhau — Auditorium, National Library Wellington

‘He Pukapuka Tātaku i ngā Mahi a Te Rauparaha Nui’ is an account of Te Rauparaha’s life written in the late 1860s. In this talk, the book’s translator and editor Ross Calman will discuss some of the challenges he faced in interpreting the manuscript for a modern audience.

Part of: Public History Talk — 2020

Triptych of woman and two men.

One hundred years old and counting down

Thursday 3 December 2020, 5:30pm to 6:30pm

Dunningham Suite, Dunedin City Library

In Dunedin? Join Chris Szekely, Chief Librarian of the Alexander Turnbull Library talking to Sharon Dell and Dr Jock Phillips ONZM about the past and future of the Library.

Part of: ATL 100

Headshot of a woman standing in front of Māori carving.

Māori women take the polls: 127 years on

Friday 11 December 2020, 12pm to 1pm

Programme Rooms, National Library Wellington

Learn more about Māori women in politics in Annie Te One’s talk and go on a guided tour of the He Tohu exhibition with a focus on 1840 Te Tiriti o Waitiangi — Treaty of Waitaingi and the 1893 Women’s Suffrage Petition — Te Petihana Whakamana Pōti Wahine.