Saturday 10 October

A striking portrait of a Māori woman. She Is wearing dark tailored clothing, has two huia feathers in her hair and a large tiki necklace. She is looking straight at us and has a Mona Lisaish smile.

Everything old is new again

Thursday 17 September 2020 to Sunday 13 December 2020

New Zealand Portrait Gallery, Wellington

Six of our most prominent artists — John Pule, Séraphine Pick, Sarah Munro, Lisa Reihana, Heather Straka and Mel Baldwin – have made new, or have provided existing artworks based on original Turnbull collection items. This exhibition highlights the contemporary relevance of the Alexander Turnbull Library, 100 years after it first opened.

Part of: ATL 100

Camellia and fountain pen on a background of signatures. Women making their mark 1893 to 2020.

Suffrage Day 2020: Women making their mark

Friday 18 September 2020 to Saturday 10 October 2020

Te Ahumairangi, National Library Wellington

Enjoy a banner exhibition celebrating New Zealand's amazing history of women making their mark! Created in partnership with Government's Network, Ministry of Women and the National Library.

Poets night out NZ Poet Laureate David Eggleton with special guests Michael O'Leary, Jenny Powell, Kay Mckenzie Cooke, MC Marty Smith.

Poets’ night out

Saturday 10 October 2020, 7:30am to 9:30pm

Toitoi — Hawkes Bay Arts and Events Centre

Join us for a great night out with New Zealand Poet Laureate David Eggleton, together with poets Michael O'Leary, Jenny Powell, Kay McKenzie Cooke, and Marty Smith. Be moved by the raw experience of poetry read aloud.

Part of: NZ Poet Laureate — David Eggleton

The essentials of oral history research — Day 1


Saturday 10 October 2020, 8:45am to 4:30pm

Ground floor, Tūranga, Christchurch

An introduction to oral history methodology for people considering using oral history in their work, community or personal projects.

Pyramids at a sunset.

Visit Egypt in 3 Hours

Saturday 10 October 2020, 2pm to 5pm

Taiwhanga Kauhau — Auditorium, National Library Wellington

Itching to travel? You can in this exciting event that will be a whirlwind trip of Egypt's rich culture. You will discover Egypt’s ancient civilization, art, culture and gastronomy via a documentary, videos, dances, songs ,traditional music and a photo exhibition.