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New Zealand and Pacific book collection

The New Zealand and Pacific Book Collection contains more than 300,000 books relating to New Zealand, the Pacific and Antarctica. It is the most comprehensive collection of New Zealand books in the country.

The New Zealand and Pacific Book Collection forms part of the Alexander Turnbull Library collections.

The collection covers topics such as Māori and Pacific Island languages, voyages, history, biography and literature. It includes books and monographs published in New Zealand and overseas, some on microfilm.

The collection has been developed from the original bequest of Alexander Turnbull in 1918. The Library adds about 10,000 items to the collection each year through legal deposit, purchase and donation.

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Access to the New Zealand and Pacific Book Collection

  • Most original items in this collection are available from the Wellington Reading Room.
  • You may also be able to source copies of materials in this collection through other libraries. Our staff can assist you with this.

Search this site for descriptions of items published after 1984. For items published before 1984 you may need to use the Alexander Turnbull Library microfiche card catalogue, which may also be available through your local library.

Requests can be made in person, by phone, letter, or email. If an original item is too fragile a microform copy may be issued.

Get copies from items in this collection

You can order colour or black and white copies of most items in the collection, if copying doesn’t harm the original or breach copyright.

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Borrow items in this collection

You can borrow microfilm copies of some items from this collection by interloan through your local library. We lend to New Zealand and overseas libraries.

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