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What if you had animal feet? by Sandra Markle

October 7th, 2015 By heather
Rhino feet.
Image: Rhinoceros front feet by Ted on Flickr. Some rights reserved

Animals have very diverse feet, and they use them in different ways to survive. In Sandra Markle’s book, bright colour photographs work with the text showing us what the animal’s feet are like and what they can do. Colourful cartoon style pictures of children trying out the animal feet show how they can be a distinct advantage in surviving different environments. The book finishes with what is special about human feet, and how we look after them.

What if you had animal feet? represents an interesting and unique way to look at animal adaptations, while also making the significance of the adaptations meaningful to children. With rhinoceros feet I wouldn’t need a car. I could carry 3 tonne loads, and run at 50 km/hour!

This is one of three books in a series. The others focus on animal teeth and hair. All are informative fun reads for primary aged children.

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