Weather & seasons by Jillian Powell

Weather & seasons by Jillian Powell

This book is from a series Discover through craft  by Franklin Watts. There are six books in the series all with science themes and related art activities.

The layout is interesting with weather information in text boxes, diagrams, photos, maps and quick facts. Quiz questions are also scattered throughout the book. Each section finishes with an art activity related to the particular weather topic using readily available materials. Quiz answers are at the back of the book along with a comprehensive index. Weather and season terms in bold type through the text are also explained in the glossary. There are three good reliable weather websites listed - one of my favourites, weatherwizkids, the British Met Office kids pages, and a BBC weather education page. Unfortunately this last one is no longer being updated. 

This is an appealing, easy to read book that presents young readers with a broad constructive overview of weather that is both colourful and fun. 

Check out our Weather High Interest Topic for a selection of online resources

Image:  Weather vane… cat! by Bea on Flickr

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