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Weather and climate resources for World Meteorological Day 23 March

March 18th, 2019 By Dylan Owen

It's World Meteorological Day on 23 March. Given how prominent weather and climate have been in the public eye recently, here are some great resources to support teaching and learning about these topics in the science and social sciences learning areas.

Sunset over Tokyo city.
Sunset over Tokyo by Arto Marttinen. Unsplash. License to use.

World Meteorological Day

Autumn cooler days gives us time to pause and reflect on the summer we have just had. Use these weather-related resources to discover how weather and climate play a crucial part in our lives, culture, and economy.

Topic Explorer

Our curated Topic Explorer sets feature contemporary and primary source resources and include websites, articles, images, and videos, many with a New Zealand focus.

  • Autumn — covers the season of autumn, its weather, festivals, celebrations, activities, animal behaviour (migration), and changes in the environment.
  • Global warming — rising sea levels, and temperatures, melting ice, wildfires, climate refugees and bigger hurricanes are impacts of global warming. Examine the causes and evidence of climate change, and solutions to saving the planet.
  • Weather — covers the causes for extreme weather (hurricanes, tornadoes, storms, blizzards, drought etc), and also includes weather forecasting, weather activities, meteorology, and reasons for climate change.


Many Answers curated topics guide students to appropriate quality-assured websites.

  • Climate change — definitions of commonly used terms, how the climate is changing, causes and impacts of climate change, action on climate change, climate change in New Zealand.
  • Global warming — definitions of commonly used terms, what is global warming, causes and impacts of global warming, action on global warming, good books to read.
  • Weather — a list of words, general websites, New Zealand websites, and books about weather.

Other resources

You can discover more resources on the World Meteorological Organization website. Appropriately, you can find them under World Meteorological Day’s theme for 2019 which is The Sun, the Earth and the Weather.

Other quality resources for students include:

  • Climate data and activities — NIWA produces an extensive range of climate-related data appropriate for classroom use.
  • Data access — the New Zealand MetService offers open data access, including 3-hourly observational data from many locations across New Zealand.
  • Figure.nz — presents a range of graphs charting weather conditions across New Zealand's regions.
  • Weather topic on the Science Learning Hub — here’s a great range of New Zealand-related weather articles and activities.

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