Turnbull Mixtape 7: One time at bandcamp

Welcome to a brand new season of the Creative Commons Mixtape. This year Tribal Council has spoken and we are flipping the script! Out of 65 potential competitors that we've archived over the past year, 20 tracks now remain, all seeking to gain immunity and be immortalised in the 2019 Turnbull Mixtape.

The finalists have grabbed their torches and headed back to Bandcamp where a public vote (yes that’s you!) will determine who will reign supreme, and who will be asked to leave the platform and return to the Library. Read on to find out how you can help...

Shows a collage of album titles of the following bands: Dick White & Finn Johansson, Gangari, Tei, Axes to Grind, Addison Course, PMT and Unsanitary Napkin.The shortlist for the seventh annual Turnbull Mixtape, featuring tracks from: Dick White & Finn Johansson, Gangari, Tei, Axes to Grind, Addison Course, PMT and Unsanitary Napkin, among others.

We need your vote

All YOU need to do is jump on over to Bandcamp and listen to the tracks (feel free to use the blog comments section below to tell us about your favourite tracks too). After two weeks, on the 15th of May, we'll go tally up the votes* and the 10 tracks with the most listens will feature in this year’s Turnbull Mixtape.

So… tell all your friends, colleagues and followers, put your headphones on and get listening and commenting!

In the re-mixed words of the one and only Mr Probst; once the votes are read, the decision is final and the tracks voted out will be asked to leave the tribal bandcamp immediately… but we will still think they’re pretty cool.

Happy listening!

*The top ten tracks will be decided based on a combination of the total number of complete and partial listens according to the usage stats acquired from Bandcamp. Stats will be taken from the 1st of May until 5.00pm on the 15th of May, 2019.

By Sholto Duncan

Sholto is a Web Archivist, responsible for locating and collecting digital music and other music-related digital media.

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m stuart May 2nd at 3:44PM

Nick Guy / High Harbour makes twinkly drone noises

easily the best thing this list

Simon May 2nd at 7:03PM

Very cool. Can't go wrong with Unsanitary Napkin, Corpse Rat, Hellbores and Dick Whyte & Finn Johannson. Been listening to Tei lately as well!