The truth about Peacock Blue by Rosanne Hawke

The truth about Peacock Blue by Rosanne HawkeDIL - 2012 Education Award Recipient: Asia – Pacific by Stars Foundation Some rights reserved

Aster Suleiman Masih, a small town Pakistani girl is sent to an all-girls high school in the city because of her academic potential. Aster’s classmates are not welcoming and one of her teachers singles her out for harassment. After completing a school exams she is arrested by police on charges of blasphemy. Thirteen year old Aster is sent to jail – even worse her ‘crime’ also carries the death sentence.

On the other side of the world her Australia cousin, Maryam starts up a blog to create awareness about Aster’s plight. She even gets people to sign an online petition to help defend her cousin.
Inspired by the true story of Asia Bibi and others who spoke out against blasphemy laws, this book raises issues around the impact of unjust judicial systems and the trauma women face under fanatical and zealous authorities.
As in real life, the book does not have a happy ending. It leaves the reader with a feeling of horror and helplessness knowing that there are people in this world who continue their persecution in the name of religious extremism. 
Both thought provoking and contemporary, this book would be great for a class reading and to initiate discussion!

Image: DIL - 2012 Education Award Recipient: Asia – Pacific by  Stars Foundation

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