Student Transitions

Do we still have a responsibility to follow up on what happens to our bright eyed, excited students when they have departed our schools for the next step in their education at one of our tertiary institutions?  

Do we have to? Research tell us that around four out of five of our students will make a successful transition to tertiary education and they will eventually graduate from their chosen courses.

But, what about that other student?    

Research also tells us that 19% of students starting a bachelors degree in 2007 failed to complete that qualification or higher and did not re enrol in the following year. Some groups are more inclined to drop out than others. In 2007, first year attrition was highest in Maori over all qualification levels, with Asian having a significantly lower rate than any other ethnicity. The biggest difference was found in bachelor level study with Maori students at 28.8% flowed by Pasifika at 25.6%

Do we have a role to help decrease this attrition by our work with students before they leave our schools and libraries?

What are some schools do already to support their transitioning students?

Is there a role for school library staff?

What could we be doing more of? Or less of?

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