Resources for Music Month — and a fun activity

It's New Zealand Music Month! There are many great ways to use music to support teaching and learning across the curriculum. Here are some ideas and resources you can use in the classroom, including a fun activity where students can vote on their favourite New Zealand songs from the past year.

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Let's start with the fun activity

Every May, we celebrate New Zealand Music Month with activities and events across the country. The Turnbull Mixtape is the National Library's celebration of New Zealand Music Month. It's a compilation of our favourite music from the preceding year that:

  • is Creative Commons licensed
  • was released in New Zealand, and
  • has become a part of the Alexander Turnbull Library's collection.

Listen to our previous years' mixtapes

Find out more about this year's exciting new system for putting together the compilation and get your students involved in the voting for Turnbull Mixtape 7. Note that some songs that are part of the mixtape shortlist may not be appropriate for all ages so use discretion with younger listeners.

Voting closes 5pm 15 May.

Teaching and learning resources for Music Month

We've recently published 2 new Topic Explorer sets about New Zealand music:

  • New Zealand music — explores the culture, history and uses of music in NZ, along with famous singers (traditional and contemporary), music awards, bands and the styles of music unique to NZ.
  • Māori music and performance — explores the culture, history and uses of taonga puoro along with waiata, famous singers (traditional and contemporary), music awards, styles and contribution of Māori to theatre, film, dance, and the unique performances that are waiata ā ringa and kapa haka.

My Music Month blog post from last year has lots of other resources and activities you may want to explore or use.

By Nicole Gaston

Nicole is an Online Content Services Developer for Services to Schools.

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