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Record-breaking animals by Jon Richards and Ed Simkins

October 20th, 2015 By heather
Orange Roughy1 main

Infographics books (which contain visual representations of information) seem to be popular right now – quite a few series from different publishers have come out in the last year or so. I find them interesting to dip into. There are always heaps of facts and figures where I find myself saying “Well! How fascinating. I didn’t know that.”

This title is about the ten record breaking animals listed in 13 different categories. The kakapo features in the loudest animal category, and is fourth loudest at 132 dB. (The Tiger pistol shrimp is first at 200 dB.) As there are fewer than 150 kakapo left in the world it should also come in as the eighth most endangered animal, but it is not mentioned there. While the figures given for each of the animals  - longest migration, heaviest land animal, longest wingspan etc. - may be correct, this omission means I am not so sure about the inclusiveness of the lists.

That aside, I found this a really enjoyable read because of the layout, the pictures and all the interesting facts that are included alongside the “top 10” lists.

So how long can Orange roughy live for? 149 years! And ninth on the list.

Image: Orange Roughy - Submarine Ride 2540 Feet by Mark Yokoyama on Flickr

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