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Operation Nest Egg Chick. A kiwi story by Maria Gill

October 27th, 2015 By heather
A newly hatched kiwi chick.

After a possum kills the first kiwi chick, the ranger from Operation Nest Egg takes the egg to keep it safe.

This is a simple story about the second egg of father and mother kiwi. It tells why it was removed from the burrow, and what happens to the chick as it is cared for. Alongside the story are fact boxes that also tell us about Operation Nest Egg. There are lots of details about how Operation Nest Egg works, from the ranger removing the egg through to the Kiwi Centres, crèches and sanctuaries, where the teenaged bird is released back into the wild.

The book works at two levels. I particularly liked the contrast in the illustrations. Bruce Potter’s illustrations with the wonderful facial expressions tell the story while photos illustrate the fact boxes. There is a good glossary and a detailed index.

Young children will enjoy the story with its poetic descriptions “ A stoat is stealing sneaking and sniffing near the hidden burrow” and the information in the fact boxes will be useful for older children interested in finding out about kiwi conservation.

This title is also available as an interactive eBook (not reviewed).

Image: Brown Kiwi by Smithsonian National Zoo on Flickr

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