Mouse Bird Snake Wolf by David Almond

Mouse Bird Snake Wolf by David AlmondWild MouseSome rights reserved

In this latest by David Almond brilliant prose and graphic illustration combine, and like his previous titles Slog’s Dad and The Savage imagination also has a big part to play.

The Gods decided to go on a break after creating a calm, safe and wonderful earth. They spend some time admiring their own and each other’s creation. Along come Harry, Sue and Little Ben who wonder why there were so many gaps and spaces. They decided to something about it. They use their imagination to create a mouse and then a bird. Not satisfied with the outcome they go on to create a snake and a wolf. Then disaster strikes!

The story has a very subtle message about man taking over creation without a thought about how his ideas would amalgamate peacefully with the rest of creation. The tone of the book is light and easy to read. The illustrations by world renowned illustrator David McKean work well with the limited amount of text on each page. The result is a story that is complete in itself and also thought provoking.

Image by Dino Borelli

By janice

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