Monkey Boy by Donovan Bixley

Monkey Boy by Donovan Bixley

Jimmy Grimholt leaves family life in the village of Puddleditch and sets out for an adventure aboard the naval ship HMS Fury. This is a ship manned by a bunch of idlers, freaks and bullies and life on board is not for the faint-hearted. Jimmy is forced to eat disgusting food, endure filthy cabins, and going to the loo is a near-death experience. As the smallest boy on board, Jimmy is tasked with the perilous job of powder monkey, -during battle he fetches gunpowder for the ship’s cannons. But surviving everyday life on the ship would be almost bearable if not for Jimmy’s curious and terrifying ability to see ghosts. And the ghosts aboard the HMS Fury are particularly grisly!

When the HMS Fury comes face-to-face with French warships, a bloody battle ensues. Will our pint-sized hero manage to pull up his breeches, muster some courage and save the day? And can his curious curse help him in any way?

Told in both text and stunning comic-book style illustration, this is a rip-roaring adventure laden with humour and slap-stick shenanigans. The gruesome details will also be sure to gross-out even the hardiest of readers!

A great book for 10+ readers.

Image: English King Charles II Receiving the Fleet After the Battle of Sole Bay 167 by Mary Harrsch on Flickr

By Lara Petry

Lara is a Librarian with Services to Schools.

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