Marae:The Heart of Māori Culture by Malcom Mulholland and Robyn Bargh

Marae:The Heart of Māori Culture by Malcom Mulholland and Robyn BarghTe Puia - Rotowhio Marae by Chris Counsell Some rights reserved

Marae is a very welcome addition to the limited collection of reference material suitable for teachers and students wanting to learn about Mātauranga Māori. However, educators planning a marae trip will find it particularly useful. It has succeeded in presenting information in a format that will not overwhelm the reader. There is detail about marae history and protocol to ensure manuhiri, or visitors to a marae can participate in the occasion with confidence and grace.

Many other sections of the book are also valuable to classroom teachers. For example: there is reference to ‘The Creation of the Universe’, in which the Māori creation myth is retold. Information about Kupe and the first arrivals to Aotearoa have been included and the glossary provides a full translation of the Te reo words throughout the text. Attractive photographs feature on every page and ensure a good balance between the visual and the writing. The book is compact, but it provides a useful overview of the important features of a marae.

Image: Te Puia - Rotowhio Marae  by  Chris Counsell on Flickr


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