Juba Good & Outrunning the darkness

Juba Good & Outrunning the darkness Sudanese travelling to a rallySome rights reserved

Juba Good by Vicki Delany is the second book in the Rapid Reads series. It has just the right amount of maturity and tone for secondary students who want to a quick and easy read. The story concerns Sergeant Ray Robertson who is on duty in Juba in South Sudan. Ray along with a local cop begins investigations into  number of young women found dead with white ribbons tied around their necks. Simple in structure and language, the title will hold the reader captive till the last page.

Outrunning the darkness by Anne Schraff is one of the titles from the Urban Underground series. The series confronts teenage issues such as self-esteem, friendships, drugs, gangs, bullying etc. In this book Jaris Spain, a boy who lives in a reasonably nice neighbourhood has high aspirations. All he needs is support from his family, friends and Sareeta Prince. And even though the book lacks depth and has moral undertones, it is positive and gives its characters a sense of hope. Like most books written for this audience, the story is simple and compact yet provides the reader with an engaging story.

Image: South Sudan Prepares for Independence by United Nations Photo on Flickr

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