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Inspire and inform learning about Tuia — Encounters 250

July 29th, 2019 By Samuel Beyer

Tuia — Encounters 250 (Tuia 250) is a commemoration to the first onshore encounters between Māori and Europeans during the first voyage of James Cook and the HMS 'Endeavour' in 1769 to Aotearoa New Zealand.

Tuia 250 is a great opportunity to engage students with learning about Aotearoa New Zealand's rich histories and ongoing development as a nation. This blog lists a range of quality teaching and learning resources to both inspire students' curiosity and inform their understanding about our nation's past and its development.

This blog post was first published in February 2019. We've updated it to include new Ministry of Education resources.

Tuia 250 and Tuia Mātauranga

Led by Ministry for Culture and Heritage, Tuia 250 themes are:

  • Dual heritage, shared future — presenting a balanced and honest history to better understand each other, and build a strong foundation for a shared future.
  • The meeting of two great voyaging traditions (Pacific and European).
  • 1000 years of Pacific voyaging and celestial navigation.
  • Science, technology, innovation, and mātauranga Māori.
  • Creating legacies for all New Zealanders.

Tuia Mātauranga, developed by the Ministry of Education, is the national education programme to support teaching and learning about Tuia 250. It focuses on topics of:

  • Voyaging
  • First Encounters
  • New Zealand History, and
  • Legacy of Learning (Relationships and The Environment).
Logo for Tuia Encounters 250.
Tuia — Encounters 250 logo

National Library resources for Tuia 250

We provide access to a range of resources to support teaching and learning about Tuia 250 themes.

Curiosity cards

Use curiosity cards to spark student interest and inquiry into New Zealand's rich heritage. The online version of each curiosity card has:

  • An image of a New Zealand historic item, place, event, or person
  • fertile questions to inspire inquiry about the image and its wider story
  • A link for more resources to help with teaching and learning
  • A downloadable and printable version of the card.

Two sets are available:

  • Set 1 focuses on He Tohu and Tuia 250 themes
  • Set 2 focuses on 4 Tuia Mātauranga topics: Voyaging, First Encounters, New Zealand History, and Legacy of Learning (Relationships and The Environment).

If you're interested in finding out more about using curiosity cards to inspire learning about Tuia 250 in your classroom, keep an eye out for our 'Inspire and inform: Using rich resources to explore our past' workshops, which we are holding in a number of New Zealand locations.

Topic Explorer

Find quality, curated resources on a range of topics to support and inspire inquiry. Each topic set features carefully selected resources, including websites, images, videos, books, and more.

Topic Explorer sets related to Tuia 250 include:

Many Answers

Many Answers entries guide students to websites and other resources that will help them find information about a topic. Here are some topics that will help students learning about Tuia 250 themes, and especially Tuia Mātauranga topics:

Senior primary (years 5–8)

Junior secondary (years 7–10)

Senior secondary (years 11–13)

Lending service

Borrow from our extensive fiction and non-fiction resources to support students learning.

Consider ordering non-fiction resources from across the learning areas of the New Zealand curriculum appropriate for your context. Fiction can be used to complement this to engage students with stories related to Tuia 250 to enhance their connection with the themes and increase their reading engagement.

Check the dates for submitting loan requests to ensure your books are delivered in a timely manner.

Papers Past and DigitalNZ

In addition to the education-specific resources already mentioned, you can do a broader search for resources on these websites:

  • Papers Past — includes historical newspapers, magazines, journals, letters, diaries, and parliamentary papers.
  • DigitalNZ — the search engine for New Zealand culture which makes New Zealand digital/digitised content, from the 19th century to today, easy to discover and use.

Other educational resources

Both the Ministry for Culture and Heritage and Ministry of Education have educational resources.

The Ministry for Culture and Heritage has:

The Ministry of Education has:

  • a Tuia Mātauranga website with range of information, resources, and activity ideas
  • a social sciences Tuia Mātauranga 2019 education programme, which includes downloads of:
    • a wall planner (in English and te reo Māori) with historical information to spark conversations or inspire investigation into our histories or scientific discoveries
    • a calendar with inquiry-based learning questions that align with the programme topics of voyaging, first encounters, New Zealand history, and legacy of learning (relationships and environment).

Tuia 250 — bringing it all together

The Tuia 250 logo:

...references waka hourua (double-hulled voyaging canoes) and tall ship rigging, Pacific binding, raranga (weaving), the shape of a hull and the inter-lacing of our dual heritage.
Tuia 250 logo

Consider the themes, topics, and contexts of Tuia 250 and use a variety of resources to weave together a journey of discovery for your students.

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Andrew Crowe
30 October 2019 2:39am

PS: Indeed, Pathway of the Birds went on to win the NZ Heritage Book Award,

Andrew Crowe
15 October 2019 2:44am

To the book resources list for Pacific Navigation (Topic Explorer), you could add a far more recent, in-depth and relevant resource on the topic:
Pathway of the Birds: The Voyaging Achievements of Māori and their Polynesian Ancestors, which is currently shortlisted for the upcoming NZ Heritage Book Awards 2019.