INNZ celebrates 25 years online!

You whippersnappers and your world wide web

In 2013, Index New Zealand (INNZ) is celebrating 25 years of providing its service online, and it’s time to celebrate.

We want you to join us in our celebrations, so we’ve taken to the blog to tell you about ourselves. Over the next few months we’ll share some choice finds, spread the word about INNZ events, and give you the heads up on a very special competition for secondary school students.

It’s not a party without all of you, so get in touch by emailing or leaving a comment!

A bit about ourselves

INNZ is an online database, freely available to everyone, containing index records of articles from selected New Zealand and Pacific journals and newspapers.

We have over 750,000 articles indexed with the database growing at about 3000 records per month. More and more records also include links to the article’s full text, making it an even more indispensable resource.

Some of the serials indexed by INNZSome of the serials indexed by INNZ.

We index a range of journals from general news to specific research topics, from full feature articles to poems, from reviews to quick biographies of everyday people. We index many of the daily newspapers and all of the major weekend editions.

We cover pretty much any and every subject, including general interest material, social research, the environment, science, agriculture, current affairs, the arts and humanities.

That massive scale and range is what makes INNZ so useful, to universities and polytechnics, secondary schools, and the general public. INNZ records can help with your homework, provide historical references or brand new news, aid the building of a business case, and heaps more.

For example…

Record of the week

Here's something relevant to the 2013 Census, now underway.

Title: Census@school by and for students
Author: Jenny Rankine
Journal: NZ images (Online), Oct 2011; n.11:p.3
Format: Journal Article

Reports on the outcome to date of the biennial 2011 CensusAtSchool, particularly in relation to the percentage of respondents whose favourite learning area is mathematics and statistics. Talks to Census co-director Rachel Cunliffe about how the data is collected, measured and used.

View this record | View "Census@school by and for students" online

A useful article for any teachers or students wishing to use the occurrence of the national census as a spur to develop their own smaller scale census for use within their class or school. It could be based on a topic that is relevant to them or one suggested by the article.

What’s coming up for INNZ?


To celebrate our 25th year online we are planning a gathering on Thursday, 30 May of past and present staff, including staff from INNZ online’s pre-1988 antecedents, at the Library in Wellington.

This group of people includes indexers, biographical indexers, library assistants, data inputters, technical staff and others who have been instrumental in establishing and maintaining the service.

If this is you and you have not been contacted already regarding our celebration, please get in touch with us at – we’d love to hear from you!


INNZ will be presenting a paper at this year’s Australian and New Zealand Society of Indexers (ANZSI) Conference (13–15 March 2013 in Wellington). It’s titled “INNZsight: Index New Zealand in focus”, and will introduce the content and processes of the INNZ.

Until next time!

By Al Gray

Al is a senior indexer for INNZ.

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