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In real life by Lawrence Tabak

November 24th, 2015 By karen
A boy on a Mac computer at The Gamer Camp Studios.

More than anything else in the world Seth wants to be a pro video gamer. In particular to be on a professional team of the world’s most popular game Starfare. But school work, a job, his divorced parent’s refusal to see gaming as a serious job option, and the bewitching Hannah are all getting in the way.

It’s only after winning free entry into a prestigious National competition things slowly start to move in Seth’s favour, then interest from Korean Team Anaconda offers a chance to prove whether he can really cut it as a pro gamer. This book will appeal to gamers and non-gamer alike and offers a interesting insight into the professional world of gaming.

Image: A Picture from the Gamer Camp Studios, by Dave Allen on Flickr

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