I see a pattern here by Bruce Goldstone

I see a pattern here by Bruce Goldstone7 Knot-Tori by Tanaka Juuyoh Some rights reserved

Bruce Goldstone has turned his fascination of patterns and talent for photography into another must have title for the school library. I see a pattern introduces children to the different kinds of shapes and patterns they see every day and how these relate to maths, and art. 

The bright colourful photographs use patterns found in nature, art, and products to explain math concepts such as rotation, sliding, symmetry, reflection, and tessellation. Included are patterns relating to tiles, mosaics, cloth, weaving, and jewellery that have cultural significance. 

Colour, whether in nature, cultural or personal choice, plays an important role in how patterns are perceived and used. By changing colours and mixing and matching patterns the creative possibilities are endless. Some simple ideas are included to inspire children to create their own.

Image: 7 Knot-Tori by Tanaka Juuyoh on Flickr 

By karen

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