Hoiho Paku, Little Hoiho by Stephanie Thatcher

Hoiho Paku, Little Hoiho by Stephanie Thatcher

Stephanie Thatcher has written a delightful book for younger readers. More so she has understood the importance that illustrations play in capturing an audience. She has achieved this through her delicately crafted pencil and water colour images.

While little Hoiho is the story’s central character, Kōtuku, Toroa and Tui are also introduced. Their role adds value for teachers wishing to introduce the topic of New Zealand native birds into the classroom. Thatcher also acknowledges advice given by The Yellow-eyed Penguin Trust, including notes approved by them as well as providing their online address for those seeking more information.
Little Hoiho’s theme is  based on a journey of discovery. When the young penguin leaves his nest on his path to the sea, he admires all the features the other birds possess. The little penguin learns that not all birds are the same but also that he possesses a valuable set of attributes and skills.. This point may be used to encourage students to look for the best in themselves.
I have included both the English and Te Reo titles for the book as both have been published by Scholastic.

Image: Curio Bay by Michael Dawes on Flickr

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