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He Meka! He Meka! – conversation starters

June 8th, 2021 By Services to Schools staff

'He Meka! He Meka!' is a set of questions, images, and facts for ākonga, family, and friends to prompt conversations about history, identity, and the future.

‘He meka! He meka!’ is a kīwaha, an idiom, and it translates as ‘Is that right?!’ or ‘True! True!’

He Meka logo and two tikis against the He Meka waka huia background.
He Meka! He Meka!

Starters to get us talking

He Meka! He Meka! has four galleries of conversation starters — questions, images, and facts — designed to get people of Aotearoa New Zealand thinking and talking about:

  • our histories
  • our identities
  • what our futures may hold.

Each gallery has a theme:

Information and audio are in te reo Māori and English to encourage thinking and conversations from both Māori and/or Pākehā perspectives.

With supporting resources too

Each theme has supporting resources to help you dig deeper. These focus on 'identity', 'values', 'goals', and 'changes' as key aspects of each theme.

The supporting resources include sets of related images, videos, websites, online articles and more through Topic Explorer. They also include Many Answers entries, and titles of related instructional series, poetry, and artworks.

And you can use DigitalNZ to explore more digital resources or to create your own story.

Using He Meka! He Meka!

You can use He Meka! He Meka! in lots of different ways. Use one prompt, pick a theme to do a deep dive, or make your own selection of prompts from across the themes. Do whatever starts thinking and discussion!

Use He Meka! He Meka!:

  • to inspire ākonga — to explore more about how these themes relate to them
  • as starting points — for learning about Aotearoa New Zealand's histories, or to support a local curriculum
  • in the classroom — as a catalyst for discussion and learning, even as inspiration for an inquiry
  • in the library — as a starting point for a display to encourage deeper engagement with related resources in the library's collection
  • with the community — to get whānau and the wider community involved in discussing and exploring concepts and themes raised by the prompts.

Part of Tuia Mātauranga, and more to come

He Meka! He Meka! is a part of the wider Tuia Mātauranga education programme, which highlights local people, places, and events that have helped shape our nation.

The online He Meka! He Meka! experience was developed through a partnership of the Ministry of Education with the National Library of New Zealand.

About Tuia Mātauranga

More resources and content are planned for the new Tuia Mātauranga section of our website.

So watch this space!

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