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From 1 to 31 October 2017, all GIF-­makers, history nuts, cultural heritage enthusiasts and lovers of the internet are invited to take part in the 4th annual GIF IT UP competition. Entrants will create brand-new GIFs by remixing copyright-free material from 4 international digital libraries. The contest is supported by GIPHY, the world's largest library of animated GIFs.

Get your students to have a go too!

So, what’s it all about?

GIFs are images, videos or texts that have been digitally manipulated to become animated. By adding flying objects, a gentle breeze or dancing legs, static images or video are given a bold, sometimes unsettling or fantastical new life.

GIF IT UP is open to anyone, but is a valuable chance for school students to build a raft of new skills:

  • research using international content aggregators
  • exposure to new cultures and their histories through the diverse collections, and
  • the imaginative and technical process of developing a GIF.

It’s a little bit ‘art project meets digital design technologies’.

Europeana GIFEuropeana GIF.

What do students have to do to enter?

It’s simple:

GIF IT UP is about sharing content that’s in the public domain. This means entering the competition by making GIFs from items that have a ‘no known copyright restrictions’ statement, or have a Creative Commons Licence.

How to find objects that are free to use

DigitalNZ can help. When searching DigitalNZ, open the 'Filter Results' tab to select usage options then click the 'Modify' or 'Use commercially' option, and your search will return items that are open for reuse.

Screenshot of Digital NZ website showing how to filter results to get suitable images for the GIF IT UPHow to use DigitalNZ website to find suitable objects

The competition receives international attention for its creative re-use of cultural collection items. There are big prizes to win this year, including:

  • the grand prize — the Electric Object — a cool new way of viewing digital art
  • a people’s choice award — the winner receives a giphoscope.

How GIF IT UP contributes to digital literacy

GIF-making is a fun way for students to develop important digital literacy skills, including:

  • searching skills to find digital content
  • considering copyright and Creative Commons
  • learning how to attribute and cite source material
  • reusing, remixing and creating digital content
  • learning about animation and digital photo-editing.

Strategies for developing digital literacy

So give it a go!

For help and inspiration...

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Hashtag: #GIFITUP2017

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