Exploring the new Manuscripts & Pictorial website - 3

I'm exploring a different aspect of the new Manuscripts & Pictorial website each day this week; today we're going to look at the options for viewing your search results. And I'll try to make it more interesting than that sounds.

Viewing by Collection

So it turns out that when you have a lot of material, like 10km here in Alexander Turnbull Library Manuscripts, you just don't have time to individually describe everything. Instead, you might say "here's a big collection of stuff related to Donald McLean", and then you might say "here's a folder of letters to Donald from people with names beginning with A", and so on.

Collection item shown in its nested folder hierarchy.

The new Manuscripts & Pictorial website can accommodate an incredible 7 layers of such hierarchy: check out some images of the Wahine sinking for instance and you will see that your results are nested within a hierarchy of folders:

  • The Dominion Post :Photographic negatives and prints of the Evening Post and Dominion newspapers
    • Evening Post illustrations file
      • Accidents
        • Sea rescue
          • Wahine shipwreck, 4 folders
            • Wahine shipwreck
              • The image!

The ship Wahine sinking in Wellington Harbour, with a tug to one side.Ship Wahine sinking in Wellington Harbour, 1968. Ref: 35mm-01149-28-F.

Allowing collections within collections like this makes archival description manageable, and once you understand what you're looking at, the enclosing folders provide you with useful context for the results that you're viewing, as well as letting you browse to see other material within the same folder.

Viewing by Date

If you just want to see all your results in a timeline, choose View by Date at the top of your results. To see them from oldest to newest, choose View by Date (desc).

That's all we have time for today - tomorrow we'll look at People and Places.

By Elliott Young

Elliott is a wizard disco sailor who rides a bike.

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