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Our recently published School Library Development Framework is a resource for anyone involved with planning, evaluating, or supporting the development of their school library.

'Using the Framework' was the topic of our term 1 school library network meetings throughout the country. School staff who attended told us how useful the resource will be, whether they’re looking at developing just one aspect of their library, or undertaking a large-scale project.

Elements of the Framework — expertise, leadership, place, collections, and access
Elements of the School Library Development Framework.

Purpose of the School Library Development Framework

The Framework is intended to spark conversations and reflections about your school library, and guide decisions about how you incorporate the library into the wider teaching and learning environment of your school. It is not a set of rules about what you should have.

The Framework will help you:

  • establish a vision for your school library, aligned with your schools' wider goals
  • understand how to develop the leadership and expertise needed to create an effective library
  • develop library services that support teaching, learning, and student wellbeing.

Your library services combine several elements:

  • place — both the physical and virtual library spaces
  • collections — print and digital resources, and other materials to inspire and inform learning and encourage a love of reading
  • connections — enabling learners to connect with each other, with the stories and information they need, within the school and in the wider community
  • access — ensuring equitable access for all students to everything the library offers and making that access easy.

You can read about each aspect of the Framework in our new suite of web pages or download and print the Framework as a whole:

School Library Development Framework

Resources supporting the Framework

Alongside the Framework, we have a range of resources and tools to help you:

  • evaluate the effectiveness of your library and your library services
  • develop your library as a key resource in your school, supporting literacy and learning, and student wellbeing.

Here's a list of useful resources to explore:

  • School library development self-assessment tool — use this with the Framework to review your library. Library team members can also use the tool to help identify areas for their own professional learning.
  • School community profile — helps you identify the characteristics of your students, teachers, and local community.
  • Library guiding documents — helps guide your decisions about important aspects of your library. They also provide instructions to help library staff with the day-to-day operation of the library.

We are here to help

No matter how big or small your library, if your school is planning to develop just one aspect of your library or embarking on a large-scale project, we can help.

We'll talk with you to establish what’s needed and how we can work together.

Contact our Capability Facilitators to find out more:

By Miriam Tuohy

Miriam is the Senior Specialist (School Library Development) for Services to Schools.

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