Eureka! The most amazing scientific discoveries of all time by Dr Mike Goldsmith

Eureka! The most amazing scientific discoveries of all time by Dr Mike Goldsmith Albert Einstein - Caricature Some rights reserved

Many of the usual famous scientists are included in this book, like Louis Pasteur, Albert Einstein and Charles Darwin, but there are also some not-so-common choices, like Richard Owen and his work on dinosaurs, and Georges Lemaitre and the Big Bang theory. The scientific discoveries are divided into five categories: medicine, human body, matter and energy, earth and the universe.

Each of the 19 discoveries and scientists covers four to six pages. The first page is set out like an experiment report - aim and challenges, and their results. The second page spread has interesting and quirky information and illustrations around the scientist and the importance of their discovery. Some have timelines of their work, and full page portraits.

I like the variety of scientists and discoveries included in this book – in terms of range and popularity of the scientific fields and level of famousness of the scientists. The quirky facts and sidebars are interesting to dip into, and I particularly enjoyed the photo shopped picture of Isaac Newton on the cover!

With the layout and variety of information, this title will be best suited to a non-fiction interest read or an introduction to a scientist or discovery, not an information source for studying any of the scientists or discoveries in great depth.

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