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New products will be added to the Ministry of Education funded EPIC subscription for 2017.

Ministry of Education to renew existing EPIC products

First a quick bit of background. The EPIC consortium has a subscription year that runs 1 April-31 March. All EPIC subscriptions from all EPIC member organisations run to this subscription period — including the Ministry of Education subscription of behalf of NZ schools. The Ministry have recently completed their subscription confirmation for the period 1 April 2017-31 March 2018. The first really great news is that they are renewing all of the products that they subscribed to through EPIC in 2016-2017.

New resources available for NZ schools

The other exciting news is that 2 of the current EPIC vendors have added products to the packages of resources that they offer as part of the Ministry of Education funded EPIC subscription.

This means that there are 2 more resources available for all NZ schools to access through EPIC.

The new resources are:

  • Gale Interactive: Science — this provides access to a whole range of science related interactive 3D models, linked with reference articles for further information. Like the other Gale Cengage products, there are options for schools to save content from this product to Google Classroom, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive. The direct link to access Gale Interactive: Science through EPIC is http://infotrac.galegroup.com.ezproxy.kotui.ac.nz/default/per_k12?db=ISSCI
  • New Oxford Shakepeare Online — this provides full text, online access to the Modern Critical Edition and Critical Reference editions of Oxford’s Shakespeare resources, as well as the Shakespeare Authorship Companion. The direct link to access the New Oxford Shakespeare Online is http://www.oxfordscholarlyeditions.com.ezproxy.kotui.ac.nz/nos

Links to both of these new resources are also available on the access portals on these pages:

By Paula Banks

Paula Banks is the EPIC Manager.

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