Emergency Ops by M. Zachary Sherman

Emergency Ops by M. Zachary Sherman

Anne Donovan, U.S. Army Nurse Corps, works at the field hospital in NhaTrang, South Vietnam and then part of the emergency operations team at the controversial battle for Hamburger Hill (Ap Bia Mountain).

Fast paced the combat action is realistically portrayed and takes the reader to the heart of the battle. Sherman deftly writes of people who had courage, strength and loyalty for their teams and each other within a difficult medical environment. Factual information at the end of each chapter covers the technology used in Vietnam, the history of the Vietcong soldiers and the battle for Hamburger Hill.Text and graphic style illustrations add depth to the physical and emotional hardships of war.

See also the author’s website that explains his extensive military background and writing style.

One of the Bloodlines Series, this will be enjoyed by intermediate and junior secondary students.

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