E-Books in school libraries

eBooks in school libraries

eBooks.  Love them or hate them for your personal use, there is no doubt that these resources will have an increasing impact on school libraries and learning.  Of course their use will initially provide a challenge for the way collections are managed, and there is obviously a requirement for a technological component, and there will undoubtedly be many reasons to also keep a print collection but lets consider some of the benefits of working through some of the issues.

Most eReaders provide a great selection of tools.   As a student researches, they can use highlighting tools, take notes, search, and click a word to access a dictionary definition.  For students that require it, some eReaders provide a text to speech feature.

eBooks can very easily give access to additional content.  Multimedia and interactivity can be powerful motivators for students, links to webpages can provide updates, discussion features and further information.  Textbooks in eBook format can provide online exercises that reinforce learning as well as the benefits of the research tools.  Speaking of textbooks, a large number of textbooks in eBook format are much easier on shoulders and backs than if they were in print.

And eBooks don’t need covering, or repairing, or shelf space.

There are fast changing issues around digital rights management and compatibility with all the different devices and these are well discussed on the New Zealand eReaders Taskforce wiki along with links to many other sources and research for further information.  We also discuss eBooks in more depth on our website
and host a group in the online community.

Join the discussion, ask lots of questions, debate the pros and cons, the journey will be easier and more fun if we put our collective minds to them and learn from the global ‘each other'


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