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After a couple of years working in temporary locations around the city, we have finally returned to our old digs on Molesworth Street . This means that our massive collection of New Zealand music is once again available for the public to come in and listen to.

This collection ranges from music to oral histories to radio programmes to dance performances and much more, and exists on a variety of different media; including vinyl and shellac records, cassette tapes, VHS, DVDs, CDs and digital.

As well as holding a copy of pretty much every NZ album released, we also have a large volume of unpublished music that you won’t find anywhere else; including live recording, rehearsals and demos.

So we strongly encourage you to drop by and have a listen to some of these music treasures at the National Library (we’re now open all day Saturday too).

But if you really just can’t make it in, never you mind, we have a rapidly growing collection of digital music that has come to us with open access permission from the artists, including stuff issued under a Creative Commons licence.

As part of an on-going, semi-regular effort to celebrate this state of affairs, here is the newest installment of DJ NDHA, a spotlight on some of the latest and greatest open-access and Creative Commons tunes to arrive at the National Library.

Cover of Iron Gosling by Tommy Ill

Iron gosling / Tommy Ill (2012)

Wellington indie rapper Tommy Ill released his excellent second album New Hat and a Haircut on EMI in April this year. Taking a bit of downtime from his major label obligations, this EP sees Tommy messing around at home cutting up songs by the likes of Kimbra and Richard Hawley and having fun with them.

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Cover of Sweet Dream by Grass Cannons

Sweat dream / Grass Cannons (2012)

Another recent EP comes from Auckland indie rock band Grass Cannons. Sweat dream is a collection of remixed versions of the five songs that appeared on their debut EP Vet dream, released at the beginning of the year. Their noisy pop songs travel through the transformation boxes of various local beat-making whizzes such as Totems and Lontalius, and pop out the other side as a set of quirky electronic numbers.

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Cover of The Cook Straight demos by Wellington Sea Shanty Society

The Cook Strait demos / Wellington Sea Shanty Society (2012)

A mysterious group of sailors, rouges and scallywags, at least two of whom go by the names Lake Davineer and Vorn dont le Père était Marin, comprise The Wellington Sea Shanty Society. Specialising in both traditional and original pirate ballads, sea songs and shanties, the Society have been spotted plying their musical wares around Port Nicholson in recent times. In a world now awash with music pirates, these guys are the real deal.

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Cover of Even though we sleep by Stray Theories

Even though we sleep / Stray Theories (2012)

Stray Theories is the musical pseudonym of Micah Templeton-Wolfe, an Australian ambient producer/musician currently residing somewhere in the South Island. Micah has been releasing music as Stray Theories for over a decade, and had his downtempo soundscapes released on many labels, including LOOP and Plusquam Records. This gentle set of piano-laden electronic pieces is perfect for a bit of wind-down time.

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By Matt Steindl

Matt is the Turnbull's Music Research Librarian.

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