Dead Ends by Erin Lange

Dead Ends by Erin LangeA mao. A America LatinaSome rights reserved


The beginning of this novel leaves us with no doubt who Dane is, what makes him tick, and what causes his palm to itch.

Dane Washington and Billy D are very different boys and never intended to be friends. The only thing they have in common is that they both don’t have fathers and belong to society’s ‘have-nots’. Dane is always itching to punch someone or ‘give them what they deserve’ and Billy D is a boy with Down’s syndrome who desperately wants to find a friend.

Then on a directive from the school warden Dane is forced to become Billy D’s protector and an unlikely friendship between the boys gradually grows. In the course of their friendship, they discover a lot about each other and learn to understand each other’s perspective on life. Dane agrees to help Billy D find his dad.

Lange’s characters are interesting and very clearly defined while the story is sensitive with just the right amount of interest and curiosity to keep the reader turning the pages. 

The author has been compared to R.J. Palacio and John Green and juding from this novel I think Lange is certainly a name to watch for.

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