Brilliant beauty inventions by Nadia Higgins.

Brilliant beauty inventions by Nadia Higgins.1957 Beauty AdSome rights reserved

For thousands of years humans have been finding ways to beautify their bodies and today it is a multi billion dollar industry.

The book begins with the glass mirror first invented in the 1200s, a technology kept secret by the Venetians for 400 years. It was a further 200 years before a German chemist called Justus Von Liebig invented a chemical process called silvering to back glass mirrors. By the 1900s mirrors had become an affordable everyday item. The following chapters look at botox, deodorants, Q-tips, lipstick, nail polish, hair dye, and many other wonderful creative products we find in our bathrooms and use on our bodies.

Written in a bright, breezy style each topic has sufficient history and information to interest, surprise, and entertain readers. Brilliant beauty inventions is one of eight titles in a great new series called Awesome inventions you use every day.

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