Breathe by Sarah Crossan

June 25th, 2014 By debbie
A sculpture of a tree with no leaves against a blue sky.
From tree to sculpture. Some rights reserved

The earth’s population grew exponentially and all trees were felled to make room for crop land. Oxygen levels fell until the air became unbreathable. Only those living inside The Pod will survive. But even in The Pod life is unfair. The Premiums have plenty of air while the Auxiliaries (the workers) have just enough oxygen to get by. A resistance group works to replant the earth while the establishment is ruthless in its efforts to stop them.
This is another in the dystopian genre, sure to be enjoyed by Y8-10. There is plenty of action as well as a little romance. The characters are interesting and range from the well-intentioned but naïve Premium, to Auxiliaries with passion and social ambition whose beliefs are challenged by the corruption and prejudice they encounter.
Breathe has been followed by a sequel, Resist, released late in 2013.

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Image by Kevin O’Mara

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