AnyQuestions? Many answers!

AnyQuestions? Many answers!

The National Library of New Zealand is proud to release the latest version of the award winning AnyQuestions service. The new revamped AnyQuestions features a new look, a new design, new features and new software.

Kids using the new AnyQuestions

What is AnyQuestions?

AnyQuestions offers free online schoolwork help for all New Zealand school students. Students can log on to the website from 1pm to 6pm weekdays during the school year and via text based chat work with a friendly librarian around a schoolwork question.

The librarians involved in AnyQuestions are specially trained to help students find the answers they need by developing their ability to source and critically evaluate quality online information sources. The aim of the service is not to give students the answer, but rather to teach them valuable information literacy skills so they can find the information for themselves in the future.

The key benefits of the service lie in its safety and the help it provides for students in finding quality assured information that’s right for their need and level.

AnyQuestions is accessible to any New Zealand school student, on any internet enabled device, whether it be from school, bus, library, bedroom, or park!

What has changed?

  • The new AnyQuestions has a refreshed, responsive appearance and is using new easy to use chat software to work with students.
  • One of the key new features of the new AnyQuestions is the inclusion of a ‘Classroom Session’ facility. This feature allows class groups to engage with an AnyQuestions librarian at any time of the day, provided they have made a booking.
  • Booking a class session is easy and involves an email with details of your request, including the date(s) and time(s) you would like to book for, topic to be explored and year level(s).
  • Our popular Many Answers content has been incorporated into the new AnyQuestions, with a few entries initially and more to be added on a regular basis.
  • Our Many Answers entries for the new AnyQuestions have been reconsidered and redesigned to make it easier for students to find appropriate resources, along with conveying how and why they should trust the information.
  • If you’re a fan of the existing ManyAnswers never fear – the old site will remain in existence until the middle of the year to allow us to build up our library of entries on the new AnyQuestions.

Who is involved?

See a list of libraries and other organisations supporting AnyQuestions.

Visit to use the service

By Rob Baigent

Rob is the Service Manager for AnyQuestions.

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