Ancient Greeks – 12 projects to make and do (Craft box series)

Ancient Greeks – 12 projects to make and do (Craft box series)

The Craft Box series have produced a fun set of books and this particular title will bring Ancient Greek civilisation to life! The book contains 12 projects to make and do ranging from making a theatre mask, a Medusa headdress and a Greek arm guard plus so much more. Each page details what you will need for the project, what the object was famous for and a ‘did you know’ fact. The instructions are simple to follow and happily, the materials needed to achieve the same result as the photograph aren’t extensive or expensive - the photography clearly shows what the end result willl be.

The book is ideal for class or home projects. The ‘further information’ at the back of the book includes additional suggested books to read and a list of reliable websites.
Further titles available in the same series are Ancient Egyptians, Ancient Romans, Tudor Times, Victorian Times and World War II.

Image: Painting Greek pots by Sarah on Flickr  


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