4 good links - March

We could blather on all day about how great the Library is, but it's good to remember that there's a whole wide world of amazing stuff happening outside our walls. From time to time we'll post a few things that we think are worth a squiz.

Books women read when no one can see the cover

Article! On an ebook reader, no one can tell you're perusing romance fiction. Being able to hide the cover has rejuvenated sales of saucier books. Fascinating to see some of the flow-on effects of tech.

Go away! I'm reading

Download! You don’t need people company, you already have book company. Printable dust jackets that broadcast your disinterest in the wider world and let you get on with your reading. Designed to fit standard YA books.

Commons image browser Edit: That's a shame, the tool's gone offline.

Tool! A cool little flickr commons browser you can use to select and download fullsize images from tag searches. Makes the process of finding and grabbing the right images a lot easier, and you get the usage and attribution info too!

Photoplay Magazine, Jan-June 1935, on Archive.org

Online collection! A six-month slice of the remarkably comprehensive Hollywood magazine. Several more chunks are available, along with dozens of others from the Media History Digital Library. And if you’ll excuse me nerding out, Archive.org’s magazine viewer is a really solid piece of functionality.

Teaser image: Four unidentified girls, probably sisters

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