4 good links - April

We could blather on all day about how great the Library is, but it's good to remember that there's a whole wide world of amazing stuff happening outside our walls. From time to time we'll post a few things that we think are worth a squiz.

What happened to my novel’s first sentence?

Quiz! Mary Robinette Kowal’s novel lost its first sentence somewhere before printing. As well as coming up with some clever ideas for getting it back into people’s hands, she whipped up a quiz you can use to see if you know famous books’ second sentences as well as their first.

Integrating ebooks and ereaders into your library

Guide! An absolutely stack of resources for getting your library set up with an etextual ecosystem. Includes some legal stuff which is US-specific.

For archivists, ‘Occupy’ movement presents new challenges

Article! A fascinating read that raises some of the difficulties in saving records of a movement that shifts through places and formats, and is suspicious of traditional models.

Why the New Aesthetic isn’t about 8bit retro, the Robot Readable World, computer vision and pirates

Analysis! Making the case that the New Aesthetic isn’t a nostalgic look at computer graphics of yore, but a contemporary application of what computer vision is capable of today. Worth clicking through just for the before-and-after Pirates of the Caribbean image.

Teaser image: Four freestanding lamps, K E Niven and Co

By Reuben Schrader

Reuben is your friendly neighbourhood online editor.

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