Stakeholder Engagement Framework

August 2014

About this framework

This document describes how the National Library will engage with its stakeholders in New Zealand libraries.

As this framework is new, we expect we’ll be refining it over time. If you have questions or comments about this approach to stakeholder engagement, please email

Purpose of this framework

The framework addresses the following needs:

  • The National Librarian requires a stakeholder approach which will help them know how well the Library is delivering on section 7(b) the Act, 2003, “supplementing and furthering the work of other libraries in New Zealand”.
  • All parties need clarity on whether an engagement activity relates to governance, advisory, partnership, or information sharing.
  • All parties need channels to ensure specific initiatives or projects have the appropriate level discussion, debate, and information input.

Structure of this framework

Our engagement with stakeholders is broken down by type as follows:

  • partnership
  • collaboration
  • consultation
  • information and knowledge sharing
  • customer feedback
  • advice

For each type, we define the activity, set engagement goals, affirm our promise to stakeholders, and cover appropriate methods of engagement.


Download the Stakeholder Engagement Framework (pdf, 174KB)