Digitisation Strategy 2014-2017

About this strategy

This strategy provides direction for digitisation activity at the National Library, and identifies our key priorities for these three years. It also contextualises the Library’s activities within the strategic context of the library environment and the work of the Department of Internal Affairs.

Though this document has not yet been formally signed off, the definitions, goals, processes are guiding the Library’s digitisation activity. Please send any feedback on the strategy to Sam.Minchin@dia.govt.nz.

Download the complete Digitisation Strategy (pdf, 1.3MB)

The strategy in summary


The Library will work on its own collections, and build partnerships and provide leadership across the sector to improve New Zealanders’ access to other significant collections.

Digitisation is defined as the end-to-end process that transfers analogue materials to a digital format. Born-digital objects are not with this strategy’s scope.

Collect, Connect, Co-create

The Digitisation Strategy reflects the National Library’s areas of focus. Each area contains several digitisation goals.


  • Build online digitised collections that connect people to information important to their lives.
  • Digitised collections reflect New Zealand’s heritage, diverse people, and communities.
  • Increase access to Māori tāonga and material of interest to Māori.
  • Ensure the long term access to New Zealand content through digitisation for preservation and digital preservation.


  • New Zealanders can easily discover content delivered through the digitisation programme.
  • New Zealanders have access to New Zealand content digitised by other institutions.
  • Increase amount of content available for reuse.
  • New Zealanders can gain access to digital copies of items not previously digitised.


  • Collaborate to reduce duplication.
  • Enable New Zealanders to enhance data quality and participate in the creation of new knowledge.
  • Increased online access to New Zealand published collections.
  • Demonstrate the impact and value of digitising collections.
  • Leverage the Strategic Partnership between NLNZ and Archives New Zealand.

Guiding principles

The following principles will guide the development and delivery of the digitisation programme:

  • Customer driven
  • Work in collaboration
  • Efficient and effective systems and process

Next steps

Planning – December 2014

  • Develop 4 year digitisation action plan
  • Review programme governance
  • Align with Archives NZ digitisation planning

Implementation – 2015-2017

  • Implement action plan
  • Measure progress and communicate to stakeholders

Review – 2017

  • Review digitisation strategy

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NLNZ Collections policy (under revision)

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