Feature Image: Strategy and policy

Strategy and policy

Read our policies on collections, access, charging and preservation, and the strategies that are driving our development.


Strategic directions to 2030

Our strategic directions to 2030 focus on achieving greater impact through collaboration. Our areas of focus are — taonga , knowledge , and reading.

Collections policy

Read our Collections Policy and collecting plans. The Collections Policy provides a set of principles which inform the Library’s collecting activities, and are outlined further in the collecting plans for the various collecting areas in the Library.

Digitisation plans

We collaborate and partner with others in our digitisation initiatives so that physical knowledge resources that are important to New Zealanders are digitised and made available online. Have a look at our current and past plans for digitisation.

Preservation policy

Read about how we preserve and protect the collections of the Alexander Turnbull Library in perpetuity.

Principles for the care and preservation of Māori materials

Our principles for the care and preservation of Māori materials. Te Mauri o te Mātauranga: Purihia, Tiakina! The spirit of knowledge: protect it and take care of it!

Collection use and reuse policy

Find out about the use and reuse of collection items from the National Library and the Alexander Turnbull Library.

Access policy

Read about our principles for accessing collections.

Charging policy

The Statement of Charging Policy reflects the key principles contained in two all-of-government guideline documents.

Corporate publications

Have a look at our Statement of Intent and Annual Report.