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Alexander Turnbull Library centenary

Find out about Alexander Turnbull and his incredible gift to New Zealand. Help us remember and celebrate Turnbull and the Library with our 2018 centenary celebrations.
Photo of Alexander Turnbull
Who was Alexander Turnbull?
'Most generous bequest'
Coloured book covers from the Turnbull collection
New Zealand’s national documentary heritage
Turnbull Library collections

Major new additions to Alexander Turnbull Library collections

Writing inspired by Alexander Turnbull

Robert and Alexander Turnbull seated and surrounded by a variety of artifacts.
Alexander Turnbull surrounded by a variety of artifacts 
Turnbull on the blog

Past events

Goodbye to all that: Armistice 1918. Shows pairs of people running a race holding buckets of water.
Find out how people coped when WW1 ended.
Goodbye to all that: Armistice 2018
Eve de Castro-Robinson
Eve de Castro-Robinson delivered the Lilburn Lecture 2018
Listen to the lecture courtesy RNZ
Dr Lydia Wevers standing at a podium in the Great Hall at Parliament.
Dr Lydia Wevers: Books and their readers
Listen or read the Founders Lecture