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Overview — Papers Past newspaper open data pilot

The Papers Past open data pilot has finished. We are reviewing the pilot and aim to have the review and decisions made by January 2022. The data will continue to be available while we are reviewing the pilot.

Get in touch if you used the data. Tell us how it worked for you, what you were able to do or not do, and your thoughts on the future of open data from Papers Past. Email us at paperspast@natlib.govt.nz

We have released a set of newspaper data from Papers Past for researchers to use.

Papers Past open data pilot

The Papers Past Newspaper open data pilot project is being run so we can see how people might use this data, and to help us understand if the METS/ALTO format is the best way to make the data available.

Papers Past is a website delivering historic newspapers, periodicals and other full-text material created by the National Library of New Zealand.

Datasets — Papers Past newspaper open data pilot — have a look at the data that has been made openly available for the pilot project.

Starter kit — have a go with our starter kit that contains all the issues for seven small newspapers.

Subset of Papers Past newspapers

The pilot contains a subset of the newspapers from Papers Past, from 1839 to 1899. Not all the data from Papers Past can be made available due to copyright, contractual, or other collection and data management reasons.

Pilot timeframe

The dataset will be available for 12 months from 17 August 2020. We’re not planning to update the data during this period.

Get in touch

Let us know how you've found the pilot, what's gone well and what hasn't worked.

If you have any questions about the data or would like to let us know about projects you have been working on with it, please get in touch.

Email us — paperspast@natlib.govt.nz

Feature image at top of page: Image created by Greig Roulston from pictures from the pilot dataset.