Detail of Grey River Argus, 1917, p2, showing several columns of the page.

Papers Past metadata

With the DigitalNZ API you can access and use Papers Past metadata, including titles, dates, and url on the Papers Past website. The DigitalNZ API only includes a subset of the Papers Past metadata.

Using the DigitalNZ API, including documentation and code samples

Restricting the API to Papers Past

Call only Papers Past metadata by specifying a collection of Papers Past in your query. In this example you will be searching for the text 'social welfare' in Papers Past records only:

Return data in json[your_api_key]&and[collection][]=Papers+Past&text=social+welfare

Return data in xml[your_api_key]&and[collection][]=Papers+Past&text=social+welfare

What can I do with this?

A corpus like this can be great for tracking trends and frequency across time. QueryPic, for example, can chart the frequency of terms, and help you quickly see what was being discussed, and how.

Read about Papers Past data being used in QueryPic

Whatever you make, we'd be interested in hearing about it.

Terms of use

Metadata available through the DigitalNZ API has been licensed for use by its owners, and API access has some restrictions, such as not sharing your API key and ensuring you identify the source. Papers Past data accessed through the DigitalNZ API is for non-commercial use.

Read the Terms of Use

Feature image: Detail of the Grey River Argus, 17 March 1917, Page 2.