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Open data

Build new things

Download or get API access to data from the Library and other organisations, and turn it into new apps, analysis, or reinterpretations.

Many hands make light work

We are making more data available, and in more accessible ways, as part of the New Zealand Government Open Access and Licensing framework and Open Government Information and Data Re-use Work Programme.

Direct access to the data isn't just because we need to be more transparent, but also because we know you'll do innovative and interesting things with it.

We'd love to know what you do with it. If you build something, get in touch.

I want more data!

We're working on compiling and licensing more data sets, but if you can't wait, data.govt.nz has lots of government data for you.

Available data

These sets are collections of metadata – they describe material from the National Library and other institutions around the country. They include titles, dates, cataloguers’ descriptions, and more.

More sets will be made available over time as they are identified, licensed, and converted into usable forms.

Te Puna Web Directory metadata

Bibliographic records from the Te Puna Web Directory. Downloadable dataset of the Directory at its closure in May 2016.

Publications New Zealand metadata

Bibliographic records from New Zealand's national bibliography. Downloadable and updated every month.

Index New Zealand metadata

Records for articles from New Zealand periodicals and newspapers. Downloadable and updated every month.

DigitalNZ metadata

Metadata describing digital content from all over the country, with real-time access via the API.

Papers Past metadata

Papers Past metadata, available though the DigitalNZ API.

Turnbull metadata via DigitalNZ API

Turnbull Library metadata for unpublished collection items that are available digitally, accessible though the DigitalNZ API.

Turnbull unpublished collections metadata

Turnbull Library metadata for all unpublished collections. Dataset in Encoded Archival Description xml. Downloadable and updated every month.

Turnbull names

Turnbull Library metadata for names of corporate bodies, people, and families referenced in Turnbull unpublished collections. Dataset in Encoded Archival Context – Corporate Bodies, Persons and Families xml. Downloadable and updated every month.

Ngā Upoko Tukutuku metadata

Ngā Upoko Tukutuku metadata contains the terms (kaupapa) and all associated fields, including scope notes, for the standardised terminology for Māori subject headings.

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