‘Fortnite, Fades and Kicks’ at National Library

17 June 2021: ‘Fortnite, Fades and Kicks’ at National Library

The world of Fortnite will come alive in a four-hour extravaganza of teenage cool at the National Library in Wellington on Saturday 19 June. In partnership with AREPA Gamers Club, the National Library will host the ‘Fortnite, Fades and Kicks’ event that also features a fantastic sneaker collection and the opportunity to get free haircuts courtesy of Who’s Next Barbershop.

Fortnite is a global, survival game phenomenon that has attracted millions of people online and is very popular with teenagers. One of New Zealand’s top Fortnite players, Jahlyn Evernden, will showcase his talent that has seen him play professionally in North America and Australia. Sean Aickin, managing director of Splendid Photos in Wellington, owns more than 180 pairs of sneakers. Among his collection a pair of Air Max 90s signed by English rapper Dizzee Rascall, the original Run-DMC x Ultrastars and a pair of adidas x Kanye West.

There will also be a special guest in Asia Ailao, aka Miss Glam, who is a top Tekken gamer in New Zealand. She will play against the public on the day and who ever beats her will go in the draw to win a $100 voucher from The Warehouse. E-sport exhibition matches will also feature between Wellington high schools competing in the Meta High School League run by Victory Up.

“This will be a great opportunity to come and socialise with other Fortnite gamers and meet one of the top gamers in New Zealand — and go in the draw to play alongside Jahlyn. You can get a free haircut and learn about the world of a sneakerhead,” says Manager Public Experience Zoe Roland.

“For parents it’s an opportunity to learn more about Fortnite and what its appeal is and take the opportunity to get your child’s hair cut while there. There’s also the fantastic He Tohu and Mīharo Wonder exhibitions you can visit for free while at the National Library.”

The partnership with Arepa Games provides a valuable connection with a youth audience.

“Arepa Games has a strong, inclusive philosophy that works to connect under-served communities with the innovation happening in digital gaming,” says Zoe.

“We want young people, particularly young men who tend not to come to the library so much, to feel at home at the National Library. This event will help us find out more about what interests them, and hopefully inspires them, to come back and see the many other great experiences we have here.”

The ‘Fortnite, Fades and Kicks’ event supports conversations had with tamariki about what they would like to see at their National Library.

“We asked a bunch of young people to tell us what would interest them and there was a lot of interest in finding out how to be better at online games. Interestingly, this wasn’t just about playing themselves but watching others who are really good and picking up tips that might help them not only with their own gaming ability, but to be able to join in conversations at school.

“The National Library is about turning information into knowledge. E-sports and gaming are on the rise internationally and not just for entertainment. We’re happy to be providing that outlet for tamariki, and parents, to come and learn and enjoy.”

‘Fortnite, Fades and Kicks’ will be held from 10am to 2pm on Saturday, 19 June in the Auditorium Taiwhanga Kauhau on the lower ground floor at the National Library. Entry is from Aitken Street.

For more information contact:

Zoe Roland
National Library Manager Public Experience
04 474 3016